Ministries at TCC
 Will you be God's hand's and feet? 
     Ministry is about showing, knowing, and going.
                                    Ages 0-2     
                                    This ministry is designed to focus on the newest 
                                    members of our church family. Our goal is to provide 
                                    a Godly, safe, clean and pleasant environment for 
                                    babies ages 0 through 2 years old, so that parents 
may attend the services of the church. This is accomplished by staffing the nursery with workers who value and share the same concerns for your little ones. The nursery provides toys, games, changing tables, cribs, and workers who interact in a loving and positive mannor  with your children.  The nursery is cleaned and disinfected on a weekly basis.  
                                   Ages 2-6. 
                                   This ministiry is designed to focus on helping children 
                                   develope a basic understanding of what it means to 
                                   be a christian. The children also will learn about the 
                                   following:   Who is God, Who is Jesus, and Who is the 
                                   Holy Spirit.  This is accomplished by singing songs, 
                                   sharing bible stories, watching videos, and participating in age appropriate activites and crafts.  The children also enjoy a drink and snack after each lesson.  
                                 Ages 12-18  (click on logo to link to youth website)
                                                                 AMPLIFIED youth ministry: Living our faith OUT LOUD!
                                 psalms 118:17
                                                               Amplified is a ministry focused on students. Everything 
                                we do is about helping students become complete in  
                                Christ. Our commitment is to provide a relevant   opportunity for you to connect to God and each other.  So if you’re a student this is for you.

Vision StatementWe here at Amplified have a five-fold vision. (1) To win Students to Christ (2) To disciple them to be a life-long follower of Christ (3) To get them involved in leadership in the youth group (4) Have a time to just hang out  
(fellowship) (5) To send them out to reach the world for Christ.
                    FELLOWSHIP:  This ministry is designed fo focus on 
                                   fellowship with other believers by studying, reflecting, 
                                   and learning God's word on Wednesday nights. This                                    is accomplished by having a pitch-in meal staring at 6:30 then followed by a bible study starting at 7:00.  The studies vary from month to month and cover a wide range of topics.  
TCC supports World, National, and Local ministires.
Missions Supported by                 TCC                  
Barbourville Children's Home
Bill Pepper World Missionary 
Pregnancy Care Center
Messick Ministries
National Evangelist Philippines
Heart House
Living Faith
Harvest International
Bill Peper Ministries
Good News Club

 Seasonal Outreach Ministries:
These ministries are designed  to impact the people of Lawrenceburg, the surrounding counties, and the Tri-state.  Through these simple and practical outreach programs, TCC shares the gospel with friends, family, neigbors, and our communtiy..
HE KNEW:  passion play and dinner theater
( Winter)
Ministries Supported by TCC

Trinity Christian Center...
more than a church, we're family
Reaching out to the world
    youth ministry
                                           Ages 7-11
     Next Level Student Ministry is the ministry at TCC
                                          for students in middle and Jr. high School.  We 
                                          exist to help students take their faith to the Next Level by building relationships with them, and by teaching and training them what it means to be a follower of Christ.  Throughout the year we do various events and activities all of which are designed to help our students grow in their relationship with Christ.  
creatively knowing christ
J.A.M. Cafe' is a ministry focused on meeting a basic need of fellowship among christians on a weekly basis.  This fellowship takes place before morning service on Sunday at 10:00 with a hot breakfast, fellowship, and the desire to develope lasting relationships between fellow christians.